Cel Profile

Kazemakase Tsukikage Ran

Character: Myao (Front) & Ran (Back)

A cool cel of Myao and Ran sitting down(?). If anyone knows what is happening in this scene, let me know!


I got two dougas with the Kazemakase cel, one for each of the two layers. So, I figured "Why not", and decided to sharpen up my 37337 skills with Photoshop :)

Myao of Nekotekken

This was for the topmost layer, i.e. Myao

Tsukikage Ran

This is Ran, for the second layer of the cel above. An interesting thing is that the animators apprently went to the trouble of drawing her ponytail & hair-band even though you can't see it due to Myao's head. Obsessive guys aren't they :)